Road to Success


  • Set it 10 mins earlier then you normally wake up

  • do not press snooze

  • Set alarm clock or phone across room so you are forced to wake up



  • Healthy

  • something to grab and go

  • enough protein to keep you full till lunch


Drink water


Have Fun!!


After work:

  • get into a hobby to get mind off work

  • exercise to work off stress

  • prepare for next day at work


Get a good nights rest! ZZZzzzz


Motivation, What is yours?

What makes you go to work in the morning? Is it your fun co-workers? The promotion you have been working so hard to get? Or is it your dedicated Boss? All reasonable reasons to get up and go to work. There are a million reasons why people get up, first person in office and one to turn the lights off at night.

What is yours?

Lets talk about Chris Gardner, know him? He strived so hard to be a working African American male. In fact they made a movie about him “Pursuit of Happiness” Will Smith played his character. It was a powerful movie about work ethic. Chris had every reason to give or fail but he kept putting his all into making in the business world. He achieved his goal long after all his effort. This inspiring individual is what we should use as an example of staying positive while achieving our goals.

Chose your motivaton today! Make it positive and impact people along the way!


You can take this quick test if you’d like:

5 Ways to be successful through the holiday season



Holiday season can be overwhelming with all the events and shopping to be done. Focusing at work can be difficult when you have kids to get gifts for or dishes to make for that next event. We have a few tips for you through this holiday season. We want you to reach those holiday bonus goals! 

1. Time management:  Work is about to become a big multitasking project for you for the next few months. We want to help you manage work while also not missing out on the events going on. First, be aware of parties by putting them in a calendar in the office, phone, or planner. Plan them accordingly to work hours so that you do not need to scrunch for time at work. Creating a schedule will help with keeping you organized throughout this busy holiday season. 

2. Budget: Holiday’s are not cheap so you want to keep a budget. Creating a budget will help you not spend money you may not have. A budget will keep you in line with things you need and plan to get. Smarter spending in November and December may lead you to that vacation you wanted in the spring. 

3. Focus on work: Work is what pays the bills so we need to put it first. Raise the goal a little higher this season; you want that bonus!    Add your project due dates, meetings and goals on your calendar along with your events. This structure will help keep you focused on short and long term plans. While others are worrying about christmas shopping you will be able to relax and not deal with the crowds. 

4. Prepare for weather & traffic: Be aware of changing weather and updated traffic reports. Both of which effect traveling plans and outfits. Being prepared for traffic will save you from stress and give you amble family time. If you haven’t done so already, winterize your vehicle!

5. Have fun! 


Ever Get That Feeling? Promotion Feeling?

The Promotion Feeling

That day you walk into the office like its any old day and then a big meeting is happening. You start noticing there are people in the office that are not there everyday and something is about to be announced. You still have no idea this is for YOU and YOUR hard work.  The meeting starts goes over all the basic things and then here it comes. YOUR name is announced and everyone starts clapping!!! You suddenly become over whelmed with joy. 

This is the day everyone waits for from the moment they are hired. You become focused on the little details and less focused on the next level. This can make the promotion a bigger deal and surprise.

How can you get promoted?

Ask for advice from those above your position to see how they got to where they are. They can help lead you through your struggles.  

Throw your Training wheels away

Remember as a child having that new bike with training wheels, made riding a bike so easy. What about the terrible moment someone took them off your bike? How bad you hated them because you did not know how to ride your bike without them. You assuming the worst of the situation and probably throwing a fit on the sidewalk. Once you gave riding it without the training wheels it was challenging but you kept trying and trying to prove yourself, right? After a few days of falling, blood and tears you were able to ride your bike successfully. This process took strength and dedication from you alone. You probably could not give up just because you were so determined. Seemed like forever but it was just a week or less to accomplish

Now you look back and laugh at yourself cause it is such a simple task to do. 

Take this in account for struggles and goals you encounter today. Make sure to push yourself to the fullest or you will never know what the outcome could really be. If you only put in the minimum effort you will see minimum results. Think back to your kid mentality and keep goals high and go after them. 

We have some new Selling tricks for you

Are you finding yourself not closing sales often? Not seeing results? Not meeting your qouta for the week? We have gathered a few tricks for you to try! They work for our sales team and hope you get the same results.

Make a personal connection with customer. When making a personal connection the customer builds trust. Also you start to actually want to help the customer after a few minutes of getting to know them. Making that personal connection the first time will not only get you that first sale but also a continuing customer. Hit two birds with one stone, right? 

FInd the need, fulfill it! Once you get to know customer well enough you figure out what they are going to need. When the need is found, do what you can do to get it done. Presenting products or service in the best way possible and how they are beneficial to that customer. 

Have fun! Can not stress this enough. When you add fun into any equation the job handles itself. Sooner then you think you have a sale! A customer never wants to think your doing your job for a sale but to help them. Adding fun into the process with make it less obvious that its a sale. 

CLOSE. When you close make sure to be thankful, they appreciate the manners. Right after make sure to go back to that personal connection. This is to make sure that you have that customer relationship going. This will conclude that you have a customer that will be happy and buy again! 

We know these steps seem logical and maybe common sense but DO them they ACTUALLY work! Good Luck! 


Ways to Grab your customers attention to your product

Market, Market, market and market till you fall over! 

When you know the product that you are delivering or selling it is easy to grab attention of your customer. But how most say. Well we have a few ideas for you and ways we train our employees to do so. 

1. Analyze the customer and their needs. Change your pitch to fit the customer more, this will help them understand what your goal is. Also once you conform more to the customer it makes it easier for them to see it less of a sale. By doing this you should have no problem making customer comfortable and happy. 

2. Know your benefits. The customer is focused on how you will help them out. Focus on your presentation of their benefits. This will keep the deal alive with this customer and make them feel you are there for them. Customers like the feeling of vip. 

3. Make the buying easy for the customer. Once the process seems long and dragged out the customer will become uninterested. The sense of urgency will always grab the attention right back though. You may have to find a way to make the processes faster to get certain customers but you do what you have to. 

4. Re-loop your customers. They want to keep your connection alive and so does your pocket. Customers feel more comfortable with suppliers the more and more they do business with you or see you.